2021 Year End Update from Our Founder

As we near the end of 2021, I pinch myself in gratitude and amazement.  This has been a marvelous year with big milestones for our company.  We’ve doubled in size again (this time growing from 12 to 24 employees in 2021 thanks to some substantial wins).  Two of our strategic prime partners were awarded the follow-on contracts and we are thrilled to continue as part of the teams.  And we were awarded a large contract with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which has taken us into a new line of business supporting public health initiatives internationally.  We are so very blessed, and I am deeply grateful.  With each passing year, gratitude becomes an even stronger force in the fabric of my being. I am deeply grateful for our family of incredible employees and for the work we are privileged to do in support of our customers. I am grateful for the stability and continued success of our company. I am grateful for the trusted relationships we are building upon in pursuit of new work. I am grateful for opportunities to continuously adapt and grow personally and professionally. With humble gratitude, I am incredibly optimistic as I look ahead toward 2022.

About the Author: Leticia Albright

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