Leticia Albright – Founder and CEO

In 2014, after a decade of working in the Federal contracting industry, Leticia acquired a small up-and-coming Federal contracting company that was founded in 2006 with active contracts supporting the Navy and re-branded as Tamayo Federal Solutions LLC (TFS). Since acquiring the company, she has grown it into a multi-million-dollar company now performing work domestically in the USA and Internationally in multiple countries.

Leticia values family, which comes naturally to her as a Hispanic woman, proud mother of two, and grandmother (aka Nai Nai) of two. She never meets a stranger. An important value to Leticia is, “Never forget where you come from.” When she re-branded the business she purchased, this value fueled the purpose of why she named the company Tamayo Federal Solutions LLC. Why? Because Tamayo IS where she comes from…it is her family name. This value is her anchor and reminds her to always remember and appreciate where you come from. It always begins with our family, and awe are supported by our family, friends, teachers, colleagues, mentors, advisors, and more throughout our lives and collectively it is what makes us who we are. We never get where we are or where we are going alone.

Leticia has nearly 27 years of executive management experience in business development, business administration, operations management, and marketing; nearly 20 years of that experience is in Federal government contracting leadership and program management.  Prior to acquiring TFS, she worked for various small business federal contractors where she served in senior executive leadership roles, as well as leadership roles in the commercial business sector.

Leticia joyfully enjoys leading Tamayo Federal Solutions LLC and is actively engaged with our employees and customers. She is inspired by the great work performed by our team and the positive impacts they make to our customers. She is passionate about growing the company, creating jobs in the communities where we perform work, and serving our employees and customers. She is grateful for the amazing team of employees, mentors, advisors, and consultants who all have a part in our company’s success.

Leticia is a graduate of Old Dominion University (ODU) and has earned her stripes working her way up the corporate ladder, while interacting with some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs in industries such as: manufacturing, lease finance, public relations, software development, and Federal contracting.

John Albright – Chief Operating Officer 

John Albright, a retired Navy Officer, runs business administration and corporate operations for Tamayo Federal Solutions LLC (TFS). He is a problem-solver and experienced leader who has managed large and small organizations throughout his career, both on active duty and as a civilian.

In 1979, John heard the call to service, and joined the Navy, reporting to his first command, USS KIRK in Yokosuka, Japan.  After ten successful years as an enlisted sailor, John was commissioned an Ensign/O-1E and was assigned as Executive Officer (XO) at a troubled command; PSA Cleveland. This was an O-4 job at a major multi-state organization with responsibility for over $1B in annual transactions. His success in this assignment led to a joint-duty assignment as Adjutant for an Army Lieutenant Colonel at a Battalion level command, and then to another XO position at a Navy Engineering command, the USS SUSTAIN (AFDM-7), that had been shut down for three years, earning the Meritorious Unit Commendation. SUSTAIN had a new crew of 250 untrained personnel led by a small team of professional Navy men and women. Within six months under LT Albright’s leadership SUSTAIN achieved a 600% improvement in productivity. Morale skyrocketed, disciplinary actions almost disappeared, and the Admiral in charge of the Atlantic Fleet claimed the unit’s effectiveness added the equivalent of a Burke class Destroyer to his arsenal and directly contributed to the Navy’s national defense and global humanitarian missions. When John’s tour was up the assignment officer offered him any job in the world. He was contacted by a recruiting command that was the worst in the nation – they needed help from a proven turn-around person.  John turned down prestigious assignments with the British Navy in Portsmouth England and XO of SIMA Washington and accepted the demanding officer recruiting department head job in Buffalo. In just 8 months his unit had risen from last place to first; ultimately winning almost every production award available before his retirement. After a 20-year career in the Navy, John worked in Seattle as the Engineering Business Manager for a biometric software development company. He began taking classes in IT systems engineering and earning multiple technical certifications. He was inspired to start his own consulting company and was contracted to provide TS cleared staffing services to Verizon FNS and others on classified programs for customers including NGA, MDA, DoA, and SOCOM. His company also provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in IT hardware and software to the new technology testing labs for the U.S. Army and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and to the network engineers of the Army National Guard and the U.S. Air Force.

In 2014 he heard the call to service again, except this time it was to join his wife (our Founder and CEO) and serve as our COO. John is an essential pillar of our company and he is proud to continue serving our Nation through his C-level leadership role in our company.

John is a 1989 graduate of Old Dominion University (ODU) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Human Resources.  He also holds several technical certifications in Information Technology.

Robin Sparkman – Operations Manager

In June of 2022, Robin Sparkman joined the Tamayo Federal Solutions LLC family to support business operations as Operations Administrator. In June of 2023 Robin was promoted to Operations Manager and she has a bright future with our company. In her role as Operations Manager, she is multi-hatted supporting business administration/operations, facility and personnel security, human resources and recruiting, and our leadership. She is also a primary interface to our current employees and prospective new employees.

Robin has been working in Federal contracting since 2002, however she has been around the military her entire life. Her father served 26 years in the United States Air Force and her husband served 20 years in the United States Air Force. In 2002 she started her career in the Federal contracting industry working at the Shipyard in Newport News, Virginia. Over the past 20 years she has served as both a corporate employee and a contractor employee which gives her the unique perspective of both sides of the industry as our Operations Manager supporting company operations and human resources.

Robin is the mother of three adult children and wife of a husband who is fully retired. In this time of her life, it is her time to grow her knowledge base and expand her career. She felt Tamayo Federal was the perfect fit for her. Her goal long term goal is to grow with our company. She plans on being a pillar in our company for many years to come. Robin enjoys serving and supporting the Tamayo Federal family and our customers. She is passionate about ensuring this is a great place to work while maintaining one of the most important values at Tamayo Federal Solutions LLC – we are a family and as a family we take care of each other.