2022 Year End Update from Our Founder

In 2022 we adopted a motto – Authenticity and Integrity Driven. We arrived upon this as our leadership team and I took some time to ponder what the fabric of our company/family is made of. After some contemplation and collaboration, we agreed that it is our authenticity and integrity that make us who we are as a company/family. At Tamayo Federal Solutions we bring our authentic selves to our work which we do with integrity. Our employees are an integral part of the threads that make up the fabric of this company and our family. I am proud of our employees and the manner in which they represent our company and echo our motto and values.

I also want to share that it’s been another exciting year for Tamayo Federal. We have continued our growth in support of our Navy customers and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Three of our strategic prime partners were awarded the follow-on contracts and we are thrilled to continue as part of the teams with increased work. And as we peek over the horizon into 2023, there is so much more awaiting us. We are truly blessed. Gratitude remains very important to me, and I like to end each year in reflection of gratitude. I am deeply grateful for all of our employees and this incredible growing family of ours. I am grateful for the continued growth and success of our company. I am grateful for the important work we are privileged to do in support of our customers. I am grateful for the trusted relationships and the trust of our current and new strategic partners. I am grateful for opportunities to adapt and grow as the leader of our family. I am grateful and humble as I look ahead toward 2023 and the wonderful things to come.

About the Author: Leticia Albright

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