2023 Year End Message of Gratitude from our Founder

As I take my usual end-of-year pause to reflect on all I am grateful for, I marvel and am humbled by how blessed we are. Blessed for our incredible employees. Blessed for the new work that propelled our growth this year. Blessed for new partnerships, new family members, new customers and so much more.

First and foremost, I am so very proud of our awesome employees. They are the shining face of Tamayo Federal, reflecting our company values and excellent work for our customers. They are part of the very fabric of Tamayo Federal and our relationship with our employees matters a great deal to us. I want to personally express my gratitude to each of our employees. They are an embedded part of our story, our successes, and our family! From the depths of my heart, I extend a heartfelt thank you to our employees for being part of our family. 

Second, 2023 was very exciting and busy on the corporate side of Tamayo Federal. I am very pleased to report that this has been another amazing year and we experienced incredible growth. We doubled in size once again! As anyone in our industry knows, it takes a lot of effort to prepare and submit winning proposals. Thank you to all who contributed to successful bid submissions and awards.

I am grateful for and so very proud of this growing family of ours. I am grateful to serve our employees and our customers. I am grateful for our continued growth and success. I am grateful for the work we are privileged to perform. I am grateful for our customers and strategic partners. I am grateful for opportunities to adapt and grow personally and professionally. I am grateful for my faith which anchors me. I am grateful and humble as I look over the horizon into 2024 at what looks like another strong growth year for us. We are truly blessed. Thank you to everyone who is part of our family.

About the Author: Leticia Albright

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